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With its unique blend of ingredients, these moisturizing gloves are designed to provide deep hydration and restore moisture balance for your dry skin. Slip on these comfortable mitts and allow them to work their magic as they infuse your hands with a deeply nourishing formula that revitalizes tired skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth. Perfect for those on-the-go moments or when you need a quick pick-me-up, these hydrating gloves guarantee soft, supple hands every time!

  • Dreambox Beauty's Hydrating Infused Moisturizing Gloves offer a luxurious at home spa experience that deeply hydrates dry skin, leaving hands feeling silky smooth
  • These gloves provide an easy and convenient way to pamper your hands with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E
  • With regular use, these moisturizing gloves can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the hands for a more youthful look

The Dreambox Beauty Hydrating Spa Infused Moisturizing Gloves are the perfect remedy to dry, chapped skin and a great way to pamper yourself by bringing the spa to your home. Add your favorite lotion or cream for a deep conditioning, and treat yourself to soft, supple skin. They are also washable so they can be reused!

Hydrating Infused Moisturizing Gloves

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