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A pampering addition to your self-care routine, this antibacterial silicone body scrubber is designed to keep your skin feeling silky smooth, this spa-inspired beauty tool is a must-have for all your exfoliation needs.  With hundreds of scrubbing bristles, your skin will get as clean as they have never felt before. The bristles get into hard-to-reach areas.

  • Non-slip grip: The suction cups built on the back side of this pad strongly secure it with the floor or wall and prevent slipping.
  • Deep body cleaning: Long bristles remove dirt and dead skin from your body and give it a clean look.
  • Stimulate blood flow: The blood circulation improves when you massage your feet on this scrubber massage pad. In addition, it helps you feel refreshed after a shower.
  • A soft & comfortable feel: This shower foot and back scrubber is built with soft bristles to help you cleanse, exfoliate and massage.

Back & Foot Scrubber [Deep Body Cleaning]

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